steelframeconSteel is quite obviously a stronger choice of frame material for your conservatory.

It is useful when building a bigger conservatory where large spans are required. To avoid corrosion of the frame the material is usually either powder coated or galvanized and usually only comes in a colour choice of white or brown.

There are many benefits of steel conservatory bases compared with the traditional build methods, many of which are listed below.
    No Builders or Bricklayers Required to Build Conservatory Walls
    No Concrete Lorries on Your Garden No Skips on Your Garden
    Minimum Mess & Disruption to Your Garden in the Conservatory Surrounding Area
    No Manholes or Drains to Re-Site – Saving Even More Mess & Disruption
    Installers on Site for Days Rather Than Weeks
    Your Home Will Not Be Turned Into a Building Site for Weeks on End
    Alleviates Much of the Hard Work Associated with Traditional Build
    Eliminates the Risk of Disturbing Your Home’s Foundations
    Costs Less than Traditional Build, Saving You Money

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  • Aluminum, Steel & uPVC Products
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  • Nuts & Bolts
  • Aluminum
  • Reinforcing Mesh Bars

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